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RC 426S 1960s Denim Jeans

RC 426S 1960s Denim Jeans

RedCloud Overall MFG Co.

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RedCloud 426S Regular Straight-Cut (F-Series)

Selvedge Denim Jeans Indigo Raw

In the mysterious shift of the 1960s, the iconic 'XX' mark faded, giving way to the cryptic appearance of "A, S, F, and I" on models by the decade's end. Their meaning remains a puzzle, adding an air of intrigue to denim history. Our 426S from the 'F-Series' collection draws inspiration from an unverified '60s or '70s original pair, echoing the enigma of that era.

Diving into the sewing secrets of the past, the S426 replicates the vintage method, embracing the predominant use of polyester-mixed threads. The specially crafted polyester/cotton threads, along with unique rivets and iron burrs, pay homage to the era's authenticity.

Adding to the mystique, the label patch mirrors the original with Flocculent recycled fiber, weaving a connection between past and present. The 426S isn't just denim; it's a tale of mystery stitched into every thread.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Selvedge denim fabric 13.5oz
  • Regular 1960s Straight-Cut
  • Flocculent Recycled Fiber patch
  • Buttonfly
  • Original RC metal buttons
  • Original RC aluminum rivets indented 'RC & Co. - S.Y.'
  • Cotton/Polyester blend thread


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