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RedCloud Fundamentals

Explore the soul of vintage jeans with RedCloud. Our meticulous study of every stitch and technique breathes life into the timeless passion behind these old denim treasures.

From sewing methods to machines, we revive the era, offering a collection that's more than clothing—it's a journey through the artistry of the past.

Step into history, wear the story.

RC Jeans

RedCloud Denim Jeans

  • RedCloud® Thread

  • RedCloud® Hardware

  • Made from vintage machines

About RedCloud

Welcome to RedCloud Overall MFG. Co. – where passion meets precision in every stitch, and style transcends mere clothing. Proudly from Shenyang, China, we stand tall as living proof of denim artistry, redefining the very essence of excellence.

Renowned for our superior selvedge denim, crafted from top-quality fabrics, we take pride in setting new standards. Our Shenyang-based manufacturing facilities epitomize innovation and dedication.

This webstore opens doors to a global stage where RedCloud Overall's legacy knows no bounds. Join us in weaving dreams into threads, redefining style with each creation on this exhilarating journey.