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RC CM-3602 American Football T-shirt White

RC CM-3602 American Football T-shirt White

RedCloud Overall MFG Co.

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RedCloud CM-3602 American Football 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt

Japanese Woven High Density Cotton Fabric

Inspired from American Football College Jersey of the last century, we replicated the style and look with high-quality Japanese fabric to make sure you can wear them with comfort in this Summer. The T-shirt provides a dry and soft feel, with outstanding drape of your body. The sewn-up across the chest is exactly the same as the original jersey, as well as the sewing methods and craftsmanship, to present the most authentic look.

'CL' silkscreen printed is abbreviation for 'CLoud'. The print will age and crack after washed, just like an old and seasoned vintage t-shirt.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese woven high-density cotton
  • 3/4 sleeve with album patch
  • Stitch line across, above chest
  • Crew-neck
  • Silkscreen print
  • Fabric will fade and print will age after washed.
  • Original RC 100% cotton thread

The measurement chart shows the measurements of post-soaked/after-washed (shrunken) of this product. If you can fit the measurements below, this product should fit you comfortably. 

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