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RC DF-ST2907 Western Shirt

RC DF-ST2907 Western Shirt

RedCloud Overall MFG Co.

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RedCloud DF-ST2907 Classic Western Shirt

Japanese Narrow-Loom Cotton Fabric Indigo One-Washed

Experience unparalleled comfort with our DF-ST2907 western shirt, crafted from an exceptionally breathable cotton fabric. Sourced from vintage looms in Japan, this fabric ensures a luxurious feel. The loose weave promotes optimal airflow, keeping your body dry and comfortable even in warm conditions.

Adhering to classic design principles, the overall features a western front pocket design with a clasp-button flap, reinforced by durable bar-tack stitching. Versatile and stylish, it's perfect as a standalone top or an outer layer, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese Narrow-Loom fabric One-Washed
  • Standard regular fit, button-down
  • Curve collar, with top button
  • Western from flap pockets
  • Sleeve cuff with three buttons
  • V-Yoke stitching
  • Curve hem opening
  • Clasp-button from Universal
  • Original RC 100% cotton thread

The measurement chart shows the measurements of post-soaked/after-washed (shrunken) of this product. If you can fit the measurements below, this product should fit you comfortably. 

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