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RC LF800 Cup & Saucer

RC LF800 Cup & Saucer

RedCloud Overall MFG Co.

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RedCloud DF LF800 Cup & Saucer Tableware

Melamine Material

Channeling the spirit of 1940s military tableware, our meticulously crafted pieces showcase a glossy and 'marble-like' appearance, ideal for both home and outdoor use. Constructed from lightweight yet durable Melamine material, these pieces are designed to resist light impact without breaking. With impressive thermal resistance, they keep your beverages warmer for longer periods.

Beyond their practicality, these tableware items boast resistance to acid and alkaline substances, coupled with a high heat resistance ranging from 120 to 130 degrees Celsius. The glossy finish and smooth texture emulate the elegance and class of porcelain, adding a touch of sophistication to your dining experience.

  • Melamine
  • Low impact resistance
  • Heat resistance 130 deg Celsius
  • Cup and Saucer as a set
  • Cup has a stackable edge
  • Cup size: Diameter 8cm, Height 8.5cm
  • Cup 10oz (300ml)
  • Saucer size: Diameter 15.2cm


*Product comes with box packaging

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