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RC W303 Four Seasons Socks

RC W303 Four Seasons Socks

RedCloud Overall MFG Co.

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RedCloud W303 Four Seasons Low Density Socks

Pakistan Cotton, 100% Cotton Italian Loom Fabric

Introducing RedCloud's Four Seasons Socks – a fusion of style and comfort. Choose from a stunning array of colors to complement your wardrobe, all crafted with highly comfortable fabric. The fabric, loomed from an old Italian machine at low density, allows for a meticulous production of only 20 to 30 pairs per day.

The 16-yarn high twist, 96-needle scheme ensures a loose weave, providing a soft and comfortable feel for prolonged wear. As you wear them, the color dye gracefully fades, revealing a rich and distinctive aging characteristic, making each pair uniquely your most comfortable.

  • Pakistan Cotton, 100% Cotton
  • Italian Low-Density Loom Fabric
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 10 colour selection
  • Free-size


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